Day 5 - 6/4
French Creek, PA to York Furnace, PA
81 (256)

One of my favorite things about bicycle touring so far is eating. I've had to increase my caloric intake to at least 4000 calories, so I figure that's 3 1000 calorie meals and about 5 power bars throughout the day. This morning I pulled in to Bowmansville, PA for breakfast. I always feel awkward entering a place of business dressed in my biking clothes and smelling as I do. But then I get the menu with their low-low small town prices and I can't resist. I order two breakfasts--an omlete AND french toast. I doesn't get better.

Later that day I was riding by a small house with a paved pathway followed by a small step down to the driveway. At base of this step and spread facedown on the path was an old man, who looked like he had taken a stumble. Worried, I pulled over to him and said hello, not expecting an answer. I was relieved when he rolled over and told me that he was ok, then I was unsettled when he told me about the cyst on his neck that didn't hurt quite as much when it was in direct sunlight. You'd think he'd be able to find a less dramatic place to lay in the sun.

Feeling tired and fearing rain, I was hoping to stay in a hotel that night in Columbia, PA, but everything was booked for some Hot Rod convention. So I had no choice but to continue on to a campground another 20 miles along the route. It proved to be a very late day, not ending until 8:30. But the camp staff was great and they only charged me $10 for a spot.