Day 4 - 6/3
Stockton, NJ to French Creek, PA
85 (175)

Packed up my stuff in rain today, but once I hit the road it had pretty much cleared up. I wasn't happy about it, but I had to back-track about 8 miles to rejoin the main route. That wouldn't have been so bad, except that when I reached the point where I was supposed to cross the Delaware River, the bridge was closed. So I then had to ride back down towards the campground along the same stretch of road for the third time. Jersey didn't want me to go.

Finally across the river I sailed through Pennsylvania, feeling in much better shape than I had the previous day. I met a guy was doing a day tour from Easton to Philadelphia who mentioned that he had done a cross-country tour last summer. His one regret: he went to fast.

I made it to Norristown, PA by 3:00. Feeling pretty good, I decided to push on to the next campground on the map, about 30 miles up. I rode through Valley Forge along the way and saw my first Amish woman. Oh and lots of horses pulling carts.

About 10 miles before the campground, I passed a little hoagie shop and bought a huge philly cheesesteak and strapped it on my bike. For the next 10 miles all the way (uphill) to camp, hoagie was cheering me on.

Made it to camp by 7:30, making it a long 12 hour day. But with an 85 mile day under my belt and over a foot of cheesesteak hoagie in belly, I'm feeling some satisfaction.