Day 3 - 6/2
Martinsville, NJ to Bulls Island Campground (Stockton, NJ)
43 miles/90 total miles

Insulin arrived nice'n early so I was able to head out at a decent hour.
Marie and Rich had warned me that a bridge along my route was closed for
repair, but when I got there, I had no problem sneaking my bike across.
Once on the other side it was a different world-I was in the country.
Beautiful homes, quaint bridges and quiet roads guided me through the day.

I also started feeling some pain. The first 25 miles were a breeze, but
after that my muscles were getting tired, and after that I was in pain.
The last 10 miles were grueling, despite it being almost entirely downhill.

Made it to a camground on the Delaware River right on the border of Penn.
The campground's almost entirely empty and I still have yet to see a ranger
and pay. There was only one small thunderstorm and my hammock tent
withstood it fine.

Salmon and crab quiche for dinner from a little country store.