Day 2 - 6/1
New York City to Martinsville, NJ
39 miles/47 total miles

I had planned on doing some last minute shopping this morning and cruising
over to Times Sq. to have my picture taken. Woke up at 6 and called the
ferry to check their schedule-turns out that the last ferry from NY to
South Amboy, NJ leaves at 8:30, so Dawn and I made a quick goodbye and I
took off down the East Side bike path.

After riding the rundown path through down past the UN and the smelly fish
market (my bike still smells like fish) I made it to Pier 11 by 8 am.
Bought a ticket and waited and waited. By 9:45 the ferry finally arrived
and I was torn away from NY.

While waiting, Dawn called to let me know that I forgot my insulin, and
that's bad. With only minutes before the ferry was going to arrive, we
decided it be best just to overnight it to me at Rich and Suzanne's house
and I'd just do Atkins for the day.

Once in Jersey, I felt well on my way across the country at 13 mph. Mommy
had made me directions for getting to Martinsville through the suburban
sprawl. For my first day, it felt like a pretty good ride. I arrived to
Rich and Suzanne's place by 3:15, having stopped an hour for lunch. I was
tired, but not beat and looking forward to a nice dinner with the several
Scannells-thanks Rich, Suzanne, Sean, Ned, Marie and Annette!