Day 1 - 5/31
111 W 16th St. To 1642 Second Ave.
8 miles

Woke up at 6 to finish cleaning the apartment and meet the person at 8 who bought my dresser and vacuum. Dawn arrived at 11, we loaded up the rest of our stuff in her car and said adios to the 200 sq. ft. apt. Dawn drove the stuff to her place and I rode the-fully loaded for the first time. I had originally planned to leave today, but there were just too many details to take care of.

My first loaded trip was not a pleasant one. My homemade rain cover was flapping all around plus my gears kept grinding and shifting on their. Plus it was a lot of work.

As soon as I got to Dawn's I decided that I should go to the bike shop instead of helping her unload the car. I feared that they'd be all backed up and would need a few days to repair it. Fortunately, they were able to fix it in a few minutes. After that I had a chance to say goodbye to Central Park.

With that, the bike is fixed and ready to go, my gear is packed and overflowing out of my bag, and I am full of doubts.